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La Bruciata offers you not only the opportunity to enjoy breakfasts and dinners of wholesome foods fresh from our farm in Italy, but also a chance to experience the flavors of a Tuscan wine tour, or a stimulating and fun cooking course.

Italy is renowned for its fabulous food and fine wine so the easiest way to discover the secrets of the Tuscan Kitchen is to take part in a cooking course.  Here you will learn the tricks and methods to be able to cook a traditional Tuscan menu, as you follow “real” recipes, step by step, of dishes that are famous for their fresh ingredients, cooked simply by Tuscan families.  The enthusiasm of a family in a traditional farmhouse in Tuscany really makes a difference as you learn the methods and customs passed down over generations by people who have always cooked from the natural products of their land.

As you spend two pleasurable hours in delightful company, you will have the satisfaction of seeing and creating a true Tuscan menu from appetizers to desserts—from Tuscan bruschetta (slices of toast with many different types of appetizing toppings), to grilled meats cooked with olive oil and herbs, and then of course the pasta.  You’ll work the dough as you learn to make the locally famous pasta Pici.  It’s an art taught from childhood here, but everyone can learn this ancient technique of “appiciare,” hand rolling the dough to form a type of spaghetti two meters long!

And so between the laughter in the warm company of our family, you will then relax and marvel as you taste the wonderful dishes that we prepared together while you enjoy a delicious dinner.  As you sip your wine it will be all the more satisfying to know that you cooked the meal yourself!

The cooking class is also a great way to meet new people from different cultures who have united together in their passion for Tuscan cuisine. Think of how exciting it will be when you return home and you can surprise your friends and family by preparing them a typically Tuscan meal.  Memories of your cooking course experience will live with you a lifetime! 

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