Natural Trails

La Bruciata between the Noble and the Barlettaia Trails

La Bruciata is situated between the Noble Trail (Sentiero del Nobile) and the Barlettaia Trail (Via Barlettaia) in the Tuscan countryside outside of Montepulciano.

Just two kilometers from the cathedral of San Biagio, our farm is on the nature trail leading from Monticchiello to Pienza, that was recently inaugurated by the towns of Montepulciano and Pienza in accordance with RET (Rete Escursionistica Toscana), a network of nature trails in Tuscany. This network of pedestrian/cycling trails is free to use in any season either on foot, by bicycle or on horseback and will allow you to experience Tuscany in an entirely new and different way, integrating nature and wellness into your holiday as you visit our beautiful villages rich in history.

In November 2014 the Noble Trail (Sentiero del Nobile) and the Barlettaia Trail (Via Barlettaia) were officially opened. Together they cover over 40 km of ancient roads and intersect with two other older nature trails, the Bonifica Trail (Sentiero della Bonifica) and the Francigena Trail (Via Francigena). The meeting point of the two new trails is the cathedral of San Biagio, Renaissance architectural masterpiece, which also crosses the Etruscan Trail (Sentiero degli Etruschi).

Nobile trail

The Nobile Trail or Sentiero del Nobile begins in Montepulciano and wends its way through 18.3 kilometers of rolling countryside that is home to olive groves

Barlettaia trail

The Barlettaia Trail takes its name from the ancient Via Barlettaia, "barlettaia" were craftsmen who traveled from Abbadia di San Salvatore to the markets of the Val di Chiana

Francigena trail

The Francigena Trail, Via Francigena, is network of roads that in medieval times, pilgrims uses while traveling from Central Europe, especially from France arriving

Bonifica trail

The Bonifica Trail, Sentiero della Bonifica, begins in Chiusi and arrives in Arezzo, across the whole of Val di Chiana along the Maestro Canal, through the these lands