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Tuscan Kitchen

Rediscover the typical flavors of products that are born and grow according to nature!

The recipes of our cuisine are the basis of our Tuscan culture, knowledge and tradition, and have passed through the generations from mothers to daughters, bringing with them the secret of a local natural diet, linked to our land, to seasonal cycles, in short a peasant cuisine tested for centuries.

Each event related to the cultivation or harvesting of agricultural products was a festive occasion to invite relatives and friends, to be together helping each other.

Threshing (wheat harvest), lopping (operation with which the leaves that wrapped the corn cobs were removed), the harvest, the harvest of the olives, pig slaughtering … are all moments that I remember with great pleasure of when I was a child, when at the end of hard work, it was traditional to gather all at the table to taste the good products of the earth cooked by the good ones housewives, my grandmothers !!!

Today the breakfasts and dishes we cook are prepared with our seasonal products, as our grandmothers did, therefore fresh and without preservatives, to be able to taste every day the typical flavor of a product that is born and grows according to nature and that is collected only at the right time of maturation.

The holiday in La Bruciata is ideal for living a now lost experience, for rediscovering nature, flavors and perfumes now forgotten, for getting excited and breaking the monotony of an increasingly hectic life.

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