Homemade yogurt, preserved and seasonal fruits, jams, fruit juices, homemade cakes, toast, focaccia, cured meats and pecorino cheese, omelettes, pizza... 

Homemade yogurt: What a treat! Start your morning with the authentic flavor of yogurt made with fresh Tuscan milk and live yoghurt cultures. It’s a delicious and nutritious way to start your Tuscan explorations.

Preserved fruit: Discover the taste of creamy yogurt enhanced by our farm-grown fruit that we’ve preserved in syrup. Apricots, cherries, peaches, plums--all our seasonal fruit is harvested at its peak and preserved in glass jars so that you enjoy the highest quality, no matter what season you visit.

Seasonal fruits: Our farm has a beautiful vegetable garden, olive groves, and vineyards, but we are also fortunate to be surrounded by fruit orchards. Throughout the year, you’ll find seasonal fresh fruit in the morning. Depending on the season in which you visit you’ll taste grapes, apples, pears and persimmons in the fall and winter; strawberries in the spring; and cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, melons, and watermelons in the summer.

Jams: We have so much fruit that it would be a shame for any of it to go to waste, so we also produce delicious fruit jams. Made in the way our grandmothers taught us, it is very different from those that you find in the market today—in fact, we don’t use any thickeners or dyes, but instead rely on a long slow cooking process. The fruit is harvested when it is very ripe so as not to need additional sugar, then it is cooked on the stove for a few hours. My grandmother finished hers in a wood-burning oven, teaching us that the secret to getting a thick jam is to put it back in the oven to dry it. This is why our jams are darker than those from the supermarket. Our are much more natural allowing you to enjoy the taste of real fruit.

Fruit juices: We make our natural fruit juices with all the pulp and juice of freshly picked fruit, adding only of a bit of lemon juice. Even these we store in glass jars so that we can enjoy them even after the season has ended.

Homemade cakes: Apple cakes, bundt and chocolate cakes, as well as fruit tarts featuring our jams and preserves, are made fresh every morning and you’ll delight in waking up to the scrumptious aroma of a freshly baked cake!

Toast: Fresh slices of toasted Tuscan bread accompanied by butter and jam, or with our extra virgin olive oil, or with our tasty tomatoes.

Focaccia, cured meats, and pecorino cheese: Focaccia is our soft flatbread made with rosemary, or soft cheese, or filled our tomatoes and mozzarella--every morning you’ll find this fluffy goodness to enjoy with artisanal cured meets or the famous pecorino cheese of Pienza.

Omelettes: Whether it’s a frittata with onions, or potatoes, or zucchini, a Tuscan omelette is a simple dish but oh so satisfying when prepared with farm fresh eggs and our extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza: It’s another simple food, but when made with our vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and extra virgin olive oil, it becomes extraordinary. Your kids will love it too!