Barlettaia trail

The Barlettaia Trail takes its name from the ancient Via Barlettaia, "barlettaia" were craftsmen who traveled from Abbadia di San Salvatore to the markets of the Val di Chiana

then crossing the Via Francigena, the road that led pilgrims to Rome.

"Barletta" is the name for the small wooden casks that pilgrims used to carry their water supply. The route spans 20 km initiating from the cathedral of San Biagio and running between Monticchiello and Pienza, passing just a few steps away from our farm La Bruciata. (link to the foot, bicycle, horse activities) The trail encompasses places of amazing natural beauty such as the Buca del Beato, a rock hermitage in which its fascinating caves, waterfall and forest have remained untouched. The trail continues along the scenic road to Pienza, with picturesque scenery of the Val d'Orcia UNESCO heritage zone, and touches the beautiful Corsignano church, a sacred Romanesque building, before ending at Spedaletto Castle, built in the twelfth century and situated along the ancient Via Francigena.

Bonifica trail

The Bonifica Trail, Sentiero della Bonifica, begins in Chiusi and arrives in Arezzo, across the whole of Val di Chiana along the Maestro Canal, through the these lands

Nobile trail

The Nobile Trail or Sentiero del Nobile begins in Montepulciano and wends its way through 18.3 kilometers of rolling countryside that is home to olive groves

Francigena trail

The Francigena Trail, Via Francigena, is network of roads that in medieval times, pilgrims uses while traveling from Central Europe, especially from France arriving