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Amidst the hills of Tuscany, a local artist, Elizabeth, will organize personalized watercolor lessons for both children and adults.

Even if you’ve never painted or think that it is not possible for you, don’t worry, Elizabeth will help you unearth your hidden talents and allow them to bloom.   She is available by reservation and you can partake in this painting lesson either at her home or in the countryside among the undulating hills of Siena… wherever you feel inspired!  Elizabeth has always loved to paint landscapes, but from her first visit to Tuscany she fell in love with this wonderful region and decided to make it her home.

In her watercolors Elizabeth tries to capture those elusive moments that last just seconds like the beauty of a sunset, the formation of a cloud, a misty dawn, or the oscillating light reflecting off the Tuscan hills.

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing some of the breathtaking views of Tuscany, now during your stay you will have the opportunity and pleasure of painting some of these exciting scenes, these protagonists of calendars and postcards.

Tuscany is an enchanting land of colors and contrasts, distinctive in every season.  With its beautiful hills, vineyards, olive groves, and orchards, as well as its medieval cities, small villages, churches, monasteries and castles, it’s a font of inspiration for many artists.  You will find the perfect setting to paint the view that inspires you!

Look here to see all of the options of places to visit during your stay at La Bruciata.

Watercolor course for beginners and children

Elizabeth will be happy to teach and guide you through every step in painting a complete watercolor.  Anyone can do it!  Whatever your age—even children accompanied by their parents will delight in the opportunity to realize their artistic creativity.

You will learn about the various techniques of watercolor painting, use different types of brushes and high quality materials, and bask in the attention of an expert who will help you identify and correct any deficiencies in your painting.

Contact us to learn more about taking a Watercolor Painting Lesson amid the hills of Tuscany.

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