Today I would like to share with you one of our best recipe as we cook for our guests at our Agriturismo in Tuscany: Ravioli with Zucchini Flowers. As you can see from our last post, my grandmother has picked a few zucchini flowers in her garden, so we have decided to make fresh homemade Ravioli...check the recipe in our blog...step by step! Let me know if you like!

  First, clean all of the zucchini flowers (remove the spiny leaves around the blossom, cut off the stem and remove the pistil). Then cut two zucchine and all of the flowers in small pieces.


 Ravioli with zucchini flowers




Cut half a small onion and put it in a pot on the stove with extravergin olive oil. When it is yellow add the flowers and zucchine.


Ravioli with zucchini flowers2



Ravioli with zucchini flowers3




When it is done, press it with a forks.


 Ravioli with zucchini flowers4




Add an egg, 300 gr of ewe's ricotta, a tablespoon of nut meg and two tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese.


Ravioli with zucchini flowers5


Ravioli with zucchini flowers6



Ravioli with zucchini flowers7



Ravioli with zucchini flowers8





Then prepare the pasta for the ravioli with flour, 4 eggs, a little bit of salt, three tablespoons of extravergin olive oil.


Ravioli with zucchini flowers9




Ravioli with zucchini flowers10



Ravioli with zucchini flowers11




Make a strip of dough and put on it the zucchini (like in the picture below).


Ravioli with zucchini flowers12 2




Then make an other strip of dough and put on the first strip to make the ravioli. You don't make all of the strips of dough in a time because they will become dry and you will cannot close the ravioli, so prepare two strips of dough at a time, then put the zucchini and close to make ravioli, then you will make other two strips and you will make ravioli again (pasta must be always fresh and elastic to close well the ravioli).


Ravioli with zucchini flowers13bis




Cut the pasta to make ravioli with a pastry cutter.


Ravioli with zucchini flowers14




Press the edges of ravioli with a forks.


Ravioli with zucchini flowers16


Ravioli with zucchini flowers17




Boil salted water in a pot and cook the ravioli just a few minutes. Usually we eat these ravioli with our tomatoes sauce.


Ravioli with zucchini flowers18



 Let me know if you like it!


Thank you Laura













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