Our farm in Rai1 (the national TV channel)

Today Rai1 (the national TV channel) has made a report about Italian people on holidays, in fact this year they will prefer to stay in Italy, especially in a typical farmhouse. Rai1 has chosen La Bruciata's video to show a real farmhouse in Tuscany! We are very happy!

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Today I would like to share with you one of our best recipe as we cook for our guests at our Agriturismo in Tuscany: Ravioli with Zucchini Flowers. As you can see from our last post, my grandmother has picked a few zucchini flowers in her garden, so we have decided to make fresh homemade Ravioli...check the recipe in our blog...step by step! Let me know if you like!

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Staying on a farm affords people an opportunity to enjoy nature and its products. It's wonderful to see, touch, smell and taste the freshness of healthy organic fruits and vegetables.
At La Bruciata you can do that and more.
We select and harvest our fruits and vegetables daily and when we have too many we preserve them so that we can enjoy them even after the summer.

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Nature is so wonderful when we can pick fruits and vegetables for which we work so hard to get them! We have finished our homemade preserved cherries from last year 2014 and in this period we are picking cherries to preserve them in the jars, so our guests will can taste our wonderful fruits all year around...with our homemade yogurt or with cereals...Yummy!!!

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