Bonifica trail

The Bonifica Trail, Sentiero della Bonifica, begins in Chiusi and arrives in Arezzo, across the whole of Val di Chiana along the Maestro Canal, through the these lands

“reclaimed” from the time of Leonardo da Vinci and thanks to which today the Clanis river manages to flow to the Arno. The pedestrian path ranges over 62 km with a vertical drop of only 20 meters, making it ideal for families with children due to the lack of difficulty and slopes. It’s also perfect for those who want to traverse the trail and then ride back on the train, thanks to proximity of train stations in both Chiusi and Arezzo. The Bonifica Trail traces the fascinating past of the Etruscan

civilization, a journey that starts in Chiusi in the Labyrinth of Porsenna--the Etruscan king who dared to challenge and and then beat Rome--and then to Lake Chiusi and then the Nature Reserve at Lake Montepulciano. The Nature Reserve promotes the conservation of flora and fauna, and is a paradise for birdwatchers.

Finally, the route crosses the necropolis of Cortona and Castiglion Fiorentino, lands full of legends and mysteries of the Etruscan civilization,

and passes through orchards and vineyards up to the Chiusa dei Monaci, about 6 km from the center of Arezzo.

Barlettaia trail

The Barlettaia Trail takes its name from the ancient Via Barlettaia, "barlettaia" were craftsmen who traveled from Abbadia di San Salvatore to the markets of the Val di Chiana

Francigena trail

The Francigena Trail, Via Francigena, is network of roads that in medieval times, pilgrims uses while traveling from Central Europe, especially from France arriving

Nobile trail

The Nobile Trail or Sentiero del Nobile begins in Montepulciano and wends its way through 18.3 kilometers of rolling countryside that is home to olive groves